Goodbye New York

Well the time has come. We’ve reached the end of our 12 months in this amazing city! I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to come and live here for the last year. I would strongly urge anyone and everyone who is interested in doing the same to jump online and do some research as to what options are available to you. Different visas have various stipulations such as the requirement to be a current/recent student or to be of a particular nationality or even just to be under a certain age. It’s definitely worth looking into if you’re interested because if you leave it too long you may be out of luck.

We would’ve loved to stay in New York but our visas are a once in a lifetime opportunity and are not extendable. We looked into all possibilities for ways and means to stay but unfortunately there aren’t any that apply to our circumstances. Our employers also looked into ways to keep us but in the end, we have to leave. Hopefully, somehow, we will return sometime in the near future.

Since being here we’ve learnt so much, been to so many new places, had so many new experiences, and met some great people! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been wrapping everything up here, tying off loose ends, packing our lives back up into our suitcases, saying our various goodbyes, planning the next adventure and with the remaining week and a half after all that: doing our taxes (why so complicated America?!).

New York has been such a contrast to what we’re used to. We’re from a small country with a small population of very friendly people. New York is jam packed and at first, most of the people come across as very rude. When you visit this is the impression you take away with you but after living here for a year we’ve come to understand it. Life here is fast, intense, and busy. People don’t have time for niceties or friendly conversation with everyone they come into contact with. You’re surrounded by people every day and it would be too exhausting to worry about everyone else, hence everyone looks out for number 1 and does their own thing. After a while of living here you become accustomed to these things. You no longer expect the cashier at the register to say a word to you when paying, you no longer expect anyone to hold a door for you or to greet you on the street. People don’t seem rude anymore because we’ve learnt that this is just how it is in New York and we understand it. I’m sure if we were to return home now we would be overwhelmed by everyone’s friendliness and it may be too much for us to handle! However, we are going on to Canada soon, a new place entirely, and we’ll have to adapt once again.

This last year has been amazing and we really don’t want this to end. So as a continuation of all this fun and excitement we’ll be heading on to Vancouver in Canada to start the process all over again, this time for 2 years! So far we’ve sorted a place to stay for the first week when we get there but apart from that, we’ll have to figure the rest out when we arrive, such as jobs, social securities, and a permanent place to stay. Normally it would be nerve-racking but the way we figure it is ‘if we can do it in New York, we can do it in Vancouver’. We would have been very sad to leave New York, but with the prospect of moving to Canada we have another set of emotions to deal with. We’ll have to start all over again finding jobs and a place to stay which is exciting. These feelings outweigh the regret of leaving NYC, but even more exciting is our 3 week road trip around California and into Utah! We’ll be flying to San Francisco, renting a camper van and driving around to see Sequoia National Park, Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, San Diego, LA, Santa Barbara, and Monterey before returning to San Fran, dropping off the van and flying on to Vancouver!

So New York, you’ve been wonderful, but as we’re not allowed to stay, we’ll be moving on to find more adventures elsewhere! We hope to see you again soon!




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