What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see, to do, to experience? What do you really want?

We all have an idea of what we’re “expected” to do in life. But wouldn’t you rather do what you “desire” in life? We’re all expected to work and bring in as much money as we can. But wouldn’t you rather do what you love and enjoy yourself? Surely life holds more importance than simply working to make money.

My name is Duncan, and after graduating from college in a small country called New Zealand I decided against what was expected of me, against jumping straight into a career like those around me, against climbing a corporate ladder with the sole intention of increasing my income. I desired to see more of the world, to see what else was out there. So instead, I secured a visa allowing work and travel in the United States of America for 12 months, boarded a plane and moved to New York City, a city with double the population of my whole country! This was a great start!

Everyone should try to make the most of life, we just need focus on what we believe will make us happy and utilize all opportunities available to us at any given moment to make this a reality! I want to travel the world, not just holiday here and there, but to truly see what each corner has to offer. I don’t want to grow to have regrets about my life. I always hear people saying they wished they’d travelled more, seen more, done more. I doubt there will be anyone on their deathbed saying they wished they’d made more money or wished they’d advanced further in their career. I fully anticipate having to earn enough money to support a family in the future, but it’s not necessary to get consumed with a need to maximize earnings as much as possible. This cannot be the point to our lives.

Everything about us as individuals; our thoughts, views, opinions, beliefs, values, everything – it’s all created, shaped, moulded and fine tuned by our experiences. Starting at birth with our surrounding environment and upbringing, what we’re exposed to, who we’re exposed to, all of these experiences make up who we are and how we view the world. We are the sum total of our experiences and I want to add as many as I can!

With no desire to return home and make my life about work anytime soon, my intention is to extend my worldly travels for as long as I can, in any way I can!

I hope to share these experiences with you, to entertain those that are happy with their lives and inspire those that want more, as well as pass on any handy tips, tricks or useful information along the way!